IT Support

IT Support Specialist Job Description Template

IT support refers to services which entities offer to end users of computer-related technologies or services. In simple terms, IT support offers assistance regarding specific issues with a computer or technology product, and not providing any form of technical support, such as software installation or maintenance, or provisioning of a product or service. In short, it refers to any type of assistance provided to computer users and organizations in maintaining and managing their systems. IT support services are typically offered by computer hardware and software vendors and related firms.

The first portion of the IT Support definition is “the provision of IT support services.” This portion of the definition includes the provision of specialized software and hardware for troubleshooting, configuration and enhancement of computer systems. In a broader perspective, tech support also refers to computer software that is installed on a system and used to help in troubleshooting issues; configuration and installation of specific applications and programs on a computer system; and the security of data stored on a computer system.

In the third portion of the IT Support definition, we find the term “IT Service” which suggests an application service provider. The term “appservice” is an acronym for “application service provider.” According to IT Support experts, application service providers are computer hardware shops that provide managed services to computer users, businesses and companies on an outsourced basis. Application service providers are thought to be a relatively new entrant in the field of computer support services and have started to enter into the market in significant numbers since they started offering their outsourced services in the third-party support scenario.

As the IT Support Definition continues with the fourth portion, “the delivery of IT solutions.” Here, we find IT Solutions pertained to the delivery of technology to a business customer. In other words, it means how the provider delivers technical support to customers. IT Solutions may include user training and testing, software support, software package updates, security updates, product support and upgrades, and service management. Many service providers to provide technical support to a business through their website.

In the fifth and final section of this definition, we find IT Managed Support. As defined here, an IT Managed Support Service (ISCS) is a managed service provided by a technology partner to a computer network or server. An IT Managed Support Service provides technical support for servers, desktops, laptops, and web servers. The most common IT Managed Support services are those provided by Microsoft Certified Systems Professionals (MCPs) and CompTIA Certified Systems Engineers (CCTs).

The above sections have clarified the major components of a typical IT Support job description. The primary goal of IT Support is to provide technical support for personal computers, hardware and software. A typical IT Support job description will also state that the person supports client computers that are in an industry specific situation, such as the accounting profession. A variety of IT Support positions are available at different companies throughout the United States.

Some of the most popular IT Support specialist positions are located in major cities such as San Francisco, Washington D. C., Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. Cities with high concentrations of IT Support specialists include Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Nashville, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix. IT Support specialists are not only found in computer stores. In addition to computer stores, support specialists can be found in many different places, including hospitals, universities, government agencies, and even in corporations. Many businesses hire IT Support specialists to provide assistance to network technicians, help desk workers, and other IT professionals.

With the information technology world rapidly growing, many jobs – including IT Support – have become very popular. According to the BLS, employment in this field will continue to grow at a steady rate through at least the next decade. IT support specialist jobs may be available at a variety of IT companies or they may be located at a local facility of a college or university. Many IT support specialist job descriptions will specify the type of training and experience required for employment.